NAT's PowerPoint Presentations

NAT staff frequently give presentations on HIV policy issues in a wide range of community and high profile meetings. Below is a selection of recent PowerPoint presentations. You are welcome to use material you find useful from these slides, but it is essential you acknowledge NAT when doing so.

The facts and statistics in these presentations were current at the time of writing.  For the most up-to-date statistics on HIV in the UK visit our HIV facts webpages.


Prevention and Testing

Partner notification - prepared for the NHIVA Conference, June 2012

HIV testing in the UK - presented in March 2010

Partnership Patterns and HIV - presented in June 2009 

Health and Social Care

Social Care, Housing and Benefits Changes and the impact on people living with HIV - prepared for the NHIVNA Study Day, October 2013

Rights, expectations & opportunities in the new NHS landscape - prepared for the Positively UK conference, September 2013

Psychological support for people living with HIV - presented in Nov 2010



HIV & employment rights in the UK - presented in July 2013

Gay men, HIV and employment in the UK: a national study - prepared for the IAS Conference 2010

The workplace experience of people living with HIV in the UK: a qualitative study - prepared for the IAS Conference 2010


Asylum and migration

Detention, removal and people living with HIV - prepared for the IAS Conference 2010

HIV and the UK Asylum Pathway - presented in April 2008



Housing advice and support needs of people living with HIV - presented February 2012



Tackling blood-boorne viruses in prison - presented in June 2013


Prosecution for HIV transmission

Guidance for police investigating allegations of criminal HIV transmission - prepared for the IAS Conference 2010

Criminal Prosecution for HIV Transmission  - presented January 2008



Public awareness and the media - presented in February 2012

BME media briefing - presented in November 2011