Poor quality housing can have a seriously detrimental effect on people living with HIV. This is especially so for people who have health problems associated with their HIV status.

For example,

  • Damp accommodation with inadequate heating creates an unhealthy and potentially dangerous environment for people with respiratory infections and tuberculosis.
  • For people living with HIV who suffer from fatigue and breathlessness, stairs can become an insurmountable daily obstacle.

HIV and housing: a practical guide

NAT has worked in partnership with Shelter to produce guidance on HIV for housing professionals, particularly housing officers who assess housing and homelessness applications. HIV and housing: a practical guide is designed to help housing professionals better understand and meet the needs of people living with HIV. The guide draws attention to issues which are often not taken into account, such as treatment adherence and the fluctuating nature of HIV. To order a hard copy of the guidance please email policyandcampaigns@nat.org.uk

We have also produced a policy report Housing and HIV which sets out key policy recommendations on housing provision for people with HIV.

Survey on housing advice and support needs of people living with HIV

NAT is currently working to refresh our housing research. In February 2103 we conducted a short survey into the housing advice and support needs of people living with HIV, and in April 2013 we published a briefing on the outcomes of this survey.

In addition you can also see our BHIVA poster - Housing and HIV as well as learn more about HIV and housing in a report we produced jointly with THT - Poverty and HIV


Download herePoverty and HIV
Download hereHousing and HIV Report
Download hereHIV and Housing Guidance
Download hereHIV and Housing: A survey into the housing advice and support needs of people living with HIV.

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