Asylum and immigration

This page is for professionals and organisations working with or supporting asylum seekers, including case owners and healthcare workers.

Will I have to pay?

In England and Scotland HIV treatment is freely available to everyone who needs it.  In Wales and Northern Ireland there is not a committment in law to provide HIV treatment for free but in practice migrants should also be able to access necessary HIV treatment without charge.

However, some migrants and refused asylum seekers with HIV may still face treatment charges for non-HIV secondary care. See NAT's briefing with Terrance Higgins Trust, Will I have to pay?

Asylum Pathway

HIV and the UK Asylum Pathway outlines how the healthcare and prevention needs of HIV-positive asylum seekers should be met throughout the asylum process.  This is an ideal guide for professionals including community care nurses, GPs and civil servants, who support asylum seekers through the course of their work.

Removal centres

NAT have worked with the British HIV Association and IRC healthcare managers to develop Detention, Removal and People Living with HIV, a resource that provides best practice guidance to support high-quality care for detainees living with HIV in Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs).

Download hereThe Myth of HIV Tourism 2008
Download hereHIV & the Asylum Pathway 2008
Download hereDetention, Removal, and People Living with HIV: Advice for healthcare and voluntary sector professionals 2009

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