HIV in older people

In 2013, one in four adults living with diagnosed HIV were aged 50 years.

Number of older people living with HIV

The number of people living with a diagnosed HIV infection who are aged 50 and over has seen a large increase over recent years.  In 2013, one in four adults seen for HIV care were 50 years of age or older.  This reflects improvements to life expectancy for people living wtih HIV as well as people acquiring HIV later in life.  

New HIV diagnoses among older people in the UK

In 2013, 974 people aged 50 or older were diagnosed with HIV.  308 of this group acquired their HIV through sex berween men.

Late diagnosis among older people

People newly diagnosed aged 50 years or above were more likely to b ediagnosed late (58%) compared to those diagnosed aged under 50 years (38%).


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