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We want young people to have a better understanding of the realities of living with HIV and to know how to protect themselves from infection.

We've therefore produced a practical resource for teachers providing suggestions on how to integrate HIV into the national curriculum for different subjects within key stages three and four.  It includes lesson plans, ideas for assemblies and HIV fact sheets.

Sections of our HIV in Schools resource are available to download below.


*New for 2014 - World AIDS Day assembly on HIV, stigma and discrimination*

For World AIDS Day 2014 (1 December) we have produced new assembly plan on challenging HIV stigma and discrimination. We have also produced a new lesson plan on HIV and media reporting, which can be used to follow up lesson to the assembly or as a stand alone lesson. In addition, our Schools resource has been updated with new stats for 2013. These can all be downloaded below:


WAD 2014 Assembly - powerpoint slides

WAD 2014 Assembly - assembly plan and teacher's instructions

HIV and media reporting lesson plan - powerpoint slides 

HIV and media reporting lesson plan - teacher's instruction

HIV and media reporting - hand-out 1

HIV and media reporting - hand-out 2

NAT Schools Pack

Introduction & Legal Obligations

HIV Facts

HIV Facts - Lesson Quiz

Activity Ideas and Lesson Plans - part 1

Activity Ideas and Lesson Plans - part 2

Activity Ideas and Lesson Plans - part 3

Teaching about HIV in PSHE

Assembly Ideas, Creating Displays & Getting Involved



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Other resources

Positive? Attitudes to and Awareness of HIV

In collaboration with NAT, The International Planned Parenthood Federation has produced an additional resource for teachers: 'Positive? Attitudes to and Awareness of HIV.'  The resource cuts across four curriculum focus areas: Science, English/Media, Citizenship and PSHE and is available to download here. The resource is free to all UK schools and has a downloadable iphone/android app and a game at

You can also visit the website for more information at

Angels in America

NAT, Headlong Theatre and the Lyric Hammersmith have produced an education pack for schools exploring some of the questions raised by the Pulitzer Prize winning play Angels in America.

The aim of this resource is to engage young people on subjects including HIV and homophobia through the medium of drama, and to encourage debate and discussion on the issues raised by Angels in America. The education pack is available free of charge to all secondary schools and can be downloaded here.



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