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Commissioning HIV Testing Services in England, Revised Edition 2014 (PDF)  
Annual Review: 2011/12 (PDF)  
Confidentiality in the NHS: Your Information, Your Rights July 2014 (PDF)  
Fluctuating Symptoms of HIV (PDF)  
Get Tested! leaflet for gay men (PDF)  
Guidelines for reporting HIV (PDF)  
HIV: A guide for police forces June 2014 (Revised Edition) (PDF)  
HIV - a strategy for success (PDF)  
HIV and Black African Communities in the UK July 2014 (PDF)  
HIV and Recruitment: Advice for employers (PDF)  
HIV and Recruitment: Advice for job applicants living with HIV (PDF)  
HIV Forensics II: Estimating the likelihood of recent HIV infection: Implications for criminal prosecution (PDF)  
HIV Partner Notification: a missed opportunity? (PDF)  
HIV Social Care in England: survey of local council funding (PDF)  
HIV Testing Action Plan to reduce late HIV diagnosis in the UK Second edition April 2012 (PDF)  
HIV treatment as prevention: Report of the NAT expert seminar, Towards a UK Consensus on the Impact of ART on HIV Prevention Strategies (PDF)  
HIV: An Agenda for Action (PDF)  
HIV: Public Knowledge and Attitudes, 2010 Ipsos MORI Poll Report (PDF)  
HIV@Work: Advice for employees living with HIV (PDF)  
HIV@Work: Advice for employers (PDF)  
Poverty and HIV 2006-2009: Hardship Fund - HIV & AIDS: help and hope for people in poverty (PDF)  
Prosecutions for HIV Transmission: A guide for people living with HIV in England and Wales (PDF)  
Providing medical evidence for benefits applications: A guide for HIV clinicians June 2014 (PDF)  
Psychological support for people living with HIV (PDF)  
Tackling Blood-Borne Viruses in Prisons: A framework for best practice in the UK (PDF)  

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