Staff and Volunteers

We are fortunate to have a very dedicated and high-calibre staff and volunteer team.

Chief Executive's Office
Chief Executive Deborah Gold 020 7814 6725
Assistant to the Chief Executive's Office Stef McCarthy 020 7814 6725
Policy & Campaigns Team
Director of Strategy Yusef Azad 020 7814 6732
Director of Policy & Campaigns Eleanor Briggs 020 7814 6755
Policy & Campaigns Manager Kat Smithson

020 7814 6727

Policy & Campaigns Manager Sarah Radcliffe

020 7814 6722

Policy & Campaigns Officer

Cheryl Gowar

020 7814 6758

Policy & Campaigns Officer Daniel Vincent 020 7814 6729

Community Engagement Officer

Susan Cole 020 7814 6767
Communications & Fundraising
Communications & Marketing Manager Suzi Price 020 7814 6733
Communications Officer Elizabeth Rowley 020 7814 6724
Fundraising Manager
Sharon Coleman
020 7814 6731
Fundraising Officer Nathalie Cooper 020 7814 6726
Finance & Resources
Finance & Office Manager Gary Paul 020 7814 6734
Office Administrator Karina Maitland 020 7814 6767

We benefit enormously from our many volunteers who give their time and skills freely, contributing to all areas of our work.

In particular, we'd like to thank some of our most recent and current volunteers: Ayse Urgulu, Benet Porter, Ewelina Rychlinska, Hannah Nicholas, Josie Anderson, Katherine Hayes, Malin Hagman, Sidonie Sakula-Barry, Steen Eriksen & Rosie Walsh. We also want to thank the many volunteers who supported us during World AIDS Day 2014.

We've also benefited from the work of interns and would like to thank our most recent interns: India Williamson, Kate Lofthouse and Rosie Walsh.

If you're interested in volunteering for us then please find out how to get involved.

Join us
If you'd like to join us, please find out about volunteering and job vacancies at NAT.