Many, many individuals support our work, donate money to NAT, give us the benefit of their expertise... we cannot hope to thank them all and hope that those we miss out will forgive us. Others, of course, wish to remain anonymous. Some of the individuals we would like to acknowledge and thank are:

Alan Cumming
Andrew Manning
Andy Bell
Antony Cotton
Aristeidis Ioannidis
Bill Pryde
Carol Campbell
Charlotte Voyce
Chris Benson
Christopher Palmer
Daniel Sandler
Dave Ball
David Insall
Dr Deenan Pillay
Dharmesh Limbachia
Edward Bonilla
Edward Clifton
Eleanor Collier
Evan Davis
Fay Presto
Fiona Cumming
Fiona Slatcher
Gary Watson
Gary Whittaker
George Derek Witt
Gerry Wade
Graham Norton
Greg Barker MP
Gus Cairns
Helen Speight
Henry Badenhorst
Howard Shaughnessy
Dr Jane Anderson
James Swaffield
Jamie Crick
Jason O'Toole
John Cruickshank
John Drury
Jon Haywood
Jonathan Ashley
Jonathan Bell
Jonathan Cooper
Jonathan Elford
Kamran Sarwar
Karon Monaghan
Keith Nurse
Kenrick Williams
Leasuwanna Griffiths
Louise Stephen
Mark Newman
Mark Pearson
Matthew Parsons
Menna Bevan
Mette Kahlin
Neil Blake
Phil Roth
Raymond Passave
Robert Hasty
Robert James
Robert Taylor
Rosa Rey
Scott Cowell
Sean Humber
Simon Marshall
Dr Stephen Nurrish
Steve Unsworth
Stuart Miles
Susie Summers
Tara McGarrell
Tim Lewis
Tunku Mudzaffar
Uwern Jong

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